Purchase invoices will be submitted in PDF. Invoices submitted by post will be digitised. Receipts can be photographed. After we have received the invoices by email, we will enter and authorise them in the accounting sytem immediately. Information such as supplier, invoice number and amount will be recognised automatically and will result in a booking proposal in the system.

An automated connection is established between our accounting system and ABN AMRO, Rabobank, ING Bank and KNAB. As a result, transactions are added to the accounting system on a daily basis and are processed in line with the set booking instructions.

Salary mutations, such as overtime, changes in salary or registration of new employees, can be submitted digitally.

Employees can submit requests for annual leave online or via the app. They will be automatically processed and visible in the accounting system and on their payslip after being approved by the relevant manager.

The online business dashboard gives up to date insight in outstanding debtors, creditors, bank balances and working capital. On a monthly basis, intermediate figures can be compared to budget and last years figures. All details are also presented graphically, and can be viewed in the biggest detail, including the ability to view invoices.

Annual report via annual accounts.

The accounting system also generates VAT-returns, wage tax, income tax, corporation tax and the transmission of pension funds.

Payments to suppliers are generated by the accounting system and submitted to the bank. Only authorised invoices will be eligible, payment date of each individual invoice can be determined.
Salary payments will be generated by the accounting system and transferred to the bank.

De verkoopfacturen worden vanuit de boekhouding gegenereerd en verstuurd naar de klant. 

Automated payment reminders and warnings can be send out for outstanding invoices. If required, we can also contact your clients by telephones.

Employer will receive notifications when temporary contracts expire, birthdays of employees or in case of any actions required for example in case of illness.

Employee will receive notification when a payslip or any other information is available, and can access this information online.